We’re a startup social enterprise on the rise!

We have lots of projects and events in the works and hope to reach over 10,000+ young people within the next 3 to 5 years. Our enrichment activities are always free for the young people attending, we want to make sure money is never a barrier for a young person to learn with us or make with us. So why not contribute to empowering a generation of young innovators and creators?

Industry support

For corporate companies, we have sponsorship packages available for our maker workshops, interactive exhibitions and fashion campaigns or maybe you’d prefer an event exclusive to your brand which we can tailor to create a unique experience for the young people attending?

Sponsorship packages require a financial contribution at minimum plus the option to provide additional support in various ways such as staff volunteers, career days/visits and long or short term CSR initiatives. To make an enquiry please contact [email protected]

A platform for designers, makers and fashion-tech brands

Our interactive exhibitions provide young people with real life examples of how the sciences influence and impact the world around us. The items on display not only satisfy the audiences visually but also provide an active learning experience like none other.

We provide a platform for anyone creating wearable STEM to showcase their products as part of the interactive exhibition we deliver. Variety within our exhibitions really solidify our message of how versatile STEM is and various innovations created when combined with fashion so items spans from material science and eco fashion to manufacturing, retail tech and wearable maths. We can include your piece as a feature introduced along with a backstory or related short task or come along as a guest to present in person! We’re happy to discuss how all of this works, you may contact [email protected] for more information.